About Us

Our mission is to provide high quality dental care in a nourishing atmosphere while protecting the child’s delicate psyche and contributing to building a positive self-image with emphasis on general health and well-being.

How does our mission statement shape our practice?

Treating dental disease is very important, but what is far more important is how this dental treatment is delivered to a precious child. A child’s psyche is very delicate, far more delicate than the hard enamel of a tooth. Children’s psyches are in a constant dynamic interaction with every day’s life events and are the single determining and shaping factor of the child’s personality as an adult.

Needless to say, an adult personality is what mainly affects a person’s lifestyle, social interaction, career, productivity and the role in affecting society in general. How do we apply all this to the delivery of our kids’ dental care? By offering our child patients with a non-threatening, compassionate atmosphere which minimizes a child’s fear (if he or she has it).